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A Snake in Swans

Told in fragmented memories, two women recall their experiences with clinical, ante-, and postpartum depression and the lasting impact their experiences have had on their perceptions of love and motherhood. 

6+ characters. all female. approx. 100 minutes. 

production history

Goucher College // April 2018

directed by DJ Hills and Liz Ryan


scenic design by Sophie Mezebish
lighting design by Allison Campbell
props design by Shelby Hickman
costume design by DJ Hills​

stage management by Cydney Cohn


Amy…Sabrina Silva
Liza…Calla Fuqua
Bethany…Abigaile Bates
Evelyn…Anna Bloomfield

Meg…Liz Ryan
Therapist…Tess Mathewson
Guests… Evanthia Boling, Molly Cook,
Amy Kuo, Maddy Sperber-Whyte
photographs by Isadora and Bianca Stern
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