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Set in the near future, in a Hamptons "more Mad Max than Maxi Dress," three vapid young adults, a newly drafted soldier, and a baby that happens to be a butternut squash are pushed to a breaking point as they confront the violence and terror they have been sheltered from for so long.


A group of queer eighteen-year-olds gather for the first time since graduation. As the night is upturned by unwelcome guests and exposed skeletons, everyone is forced to grapple with their own understandings of identity, ambition, and family.

A visit from the "queer prodigal son," forces a family in rural West Virginia to confront their buried trauma and the encroaching presence of a terrifying creature newly emerged from the trees.


A Driving Play

A young queer person navigates their anxiety about moving in with their partner for the first time. Set on the interstate between Baltimore and Washington D.C., A DRIVING PLAY is a prose poem for the stage, asking what it means to share space with another person, and if that's what love looks like.

Intermixing monologue, vignette, and image-based movement, THE END OF THINGS. explores relationships at their point of expiration. Marriages crumble. Bodies decay. And a potentially apocalyptic threat to the planet looms unseen above it all.

Created for digital performance, WE BROKE UP. explores the world of social-media celebrities and challenges our addictive consumption of the private lives of strangers.


What would you do to keep someone you love around just a little bit longer? 

A woman struggling with addiction accidentally turns her probation officer into a bug--and now has a new sort of demon to conquer. 

In three conversations, told simultaneously across twelve years, a mother and daughter come to terms with the sacrifice of giving oneself over to someone you love.

In a town where daylight occurs for only seven minutes every year, a couple sees one another for the first time--in more ways than one.

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