American Writers Review

+ "In the early days, we touched as a form of resistance..."

Appalachian Review

+ "I dream of the days I got drunk / at your aunt's 4th of July picnic / and cried on the drive home / because you wouldn't hold my hand..."

Apeiron Review

+ "Today he is wearing short sleeves for the first time in ages / and I am learning to hate sweaters for the way they’ve hidden his skin..."

Arkansas Review

+ "We pull into the overlook, eyes peeled / for methheads, and Sawyer keeps the van / running in case we have to get out fast..."


Cold Mountain Review

+ "After sex we broke the blinds, trying to catch a glimpse..."

Free State Review Online

+ "The last night I drove him home, I took a wrong turn..."

FreezeRay Poetry

+ "It begins: something like a shooting star and then everything / changes..."

Oyster River Pages

+ "in the beginning god created / & then i guess it was up to us / to destroy..."

Split Rock Review

+ "Our bones are made out of exploded stars. / We are only the shrapnel of brighter things..."


+ "They are still pulling bodies out of the ocean...."

SmokeLong Quarterly

+ "Bobbi likes to be hit during sex, but only in certain places."

*Pushcart Prize nominated