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X Æ A-Xii is off planet preparing a place for us, and what are we left to do but wait? Tracing a path across the United States, and abroad, the poems collected in Leaving Earth are meditations on the slippery, intangible notion of home. While mourning the loss of people and places, there emerges from these poems a gesture toward creating something beautiful in a world ticking to its end. 

Read excerpts in:

Split Rock Review

+ "Our bones are made out of exploded stars. / We are only the shrapnel of brighter things..."

*Nominated for Best of the Net

Free State Review Online

+ "The last night I drove him home, I took a wrong turn..."


American Writers Review

+ "In the early days, we touched as a form of resistance..."


Cold Mountain Review

+ "After sex we broke the blinds, trying to catch a glimpse..."

FreezeRay Poetry

+ "It begins: something like a shooting star and then everything / changes..."

Oyster River Pages

+ "in the beginning god created / & then i guess it was up to us / to destroy..."

Poetry Online

+ "my partner's eye / tastes best / puffy & wet / after crying / over [redacted]'s death in Endgame..."


Lunch Ticket

+ "Our only child has transformed into a starfish. They called it a compulsion, then a desire."

SmokeLong Quarterly

+ "Bobbi likes to be hit during sex, but only in certain places."


*Nominated for the Pushcart Prize


+ "They are still pulling bodies out of the ocean...."



+ "Images and words bend around us, reshaping themselves, beat by beat, into familiar things made unfamiliar."


*A response to Amanda Horowitz's performance piece Bad Stars True West

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