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Adult Things

Set in the near future, in a Hamptons "more Mad Max than Maxi Dress," ADULT THINGS follows three vapid young adults, a newly drafted soldier, and a baby that happens to be a butternut squash in the midst of an international war. When the traumas of war begin to spill over the walls of their beach compound, the characters' apathy is pushed to a breaking point as they confront the violence and terror they have been sheltered from for so long.


4-100 characters. 1 cis man, 1 cis woman, 1 trans woman, 1 non-binary character. Multiple other gendered characters. approx. 90 minutes. ​

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production history

MARCH 2023            University Premiere, Carnegie Mellon University 

​                                    Directed by B Kleymeyer



Jonas.....Antione Gray Jr.

Margot....Kyra Klonoski

Freya....Moire del Carmen Día

Ray....Trey Caperton

Crab Ensemble....Annalisa D'Aguilar, Mari Garzon Toro, Alex Sheffield, Olivia DeWaart

Asst Director....Cole Schubert
Dramaturg....Rowan Dunlop
Scenic Designer....Elena Delvecchio
Costume Designer....Meena Romsaas
Asst Costume Designer....Bunny Brand
Lighting Designer....Ernest Wan
Asst Lighting Designer....Bishop Sforza
Assoc Lighting Designer.....Xotchil Musser
Media Designer.....Reiley Nymeyer
Asst Media Deisgner.....Lilian Kim
Media Engineer....Bahaar Esfahani

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