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A visit from the "queer prodigal son," forces a family in rural West Virginia to confront their buried trauma and the encroaching presence of a terrifying creature newly emerged from the trees.

8 characters. 4 cis men, 4 cis women. Approx. 90 minutes. 

History: September 2019, Horticulture Playwrights Workshop, dir. Kat Kaplan

Pregnant with an astronaut's child, Juniper is torn between her little sister and best friend on earth and the possibility of a future far from home. 

3 characters. All cis women. Approx. 90 minutes. 

History: August 2019, The Kennedy Center, dir. B Kleymeyer

A non-binary person discovers the ways intimate partner violence can complicate perceptions of people, space, and time, while learning to celebrate the beauty and autonomy of one's ever-changing self.

4 characters. 2 trans feminine, 2 other genders. Approx. 90 minutes. 

History: April 2022, University of California Los Angeles, dir. David H. Parker

4 Minutes

A young person tries to keep their grandmother alive by collecting the leftover minutes of the day. 

2 characters. 1 cis woman, 1 any gender. Approx. 10 minutes. 

History: MAY 2022, MeetCute LA, dir. Rachel Berney Needleman

photo by Brian Hashimoto

Beer Bottle Bug

A woman struggling with addiction accidentally turns her probation officer into a bug--and now has a new sort of demon to conquer. 

2 characters. 1 man, 1 woman. Approx. 10 minutes. ​

History: MAY-JUNE 2019, Fells Point Corner Theatre 10x10x10 Festival, dir. Matt Shea

big and small

In three conversations, told simultaneously across twelve years, a mother and daughter come to terms with the sacrifice of giving oneself over to someone you love.

6 characters. all women. Approx. 10 minutes. ​

History: MAY 2023, Theater Masters Take Ten, dir. victor cervantes jr.

the end of things.

Intermixing monologue, vignette, and image-based movement, THE END OF THINGS. explores relationships at their point of expiration. Marriages crumble. Bodies decay. And a potentially apocalyptic threat to the planet looms unseen above it all.

6 characters. Any gender. Approx. 45 minutes.​

History: NOVEMBER 2018, Charm City Fringe Festival


"a powerful piece of theatre" - D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

top 6 "not to miss" productions at charm city fringe 2018 - Baltimore Magazine

EdwardTMorris_indaylight.jpeg daylight

In a town where daylight occurs for only seven minutes every year, a couple sees one another for the first time--in more ways than one.

2 characters. 1 cis woman, 1 cis man. Approx. 10 minutes.

History: MAY 2022, Theater Masters Take Ten, dir. victor cervantes jr.

scenic rendering by Edward T. Morris

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