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select productions:

where our dead are buried 

amidst elements of poetry and folk tale, a family in rural west virginia contends with a visit from the "queer prodigal son" and the buried trauma his presence unearths. 

8 actors. gender varied. approx. 90 minutes. 

SEPTEMBER 21 & 22, 2019 @ Cohesion Theatre

directed by Kat Kaplan

a 2019 Cohesion Theatre Playwriting Fellowship project staged reading

Juniper Jones & the Rocket She Built 

juniper jones is building a rocket to another planet. she's just not sure which one. pregnant with an astronaut's child, juniper finds herself torn between her little sister and best friend on earth and the possibility of a future far from home. set in a world recovering from the ravages of climate change, Juniper Jones and the Rocket She Built explores the tensions between motherhood and sisterhood, the families we're born with, and the families we choose. 

3 characters. all female. approx. 90 minutes.

AUGUST 31, 2019 @ the Kennedy Center

directed by Ben Kleymeyer

a staged reading at the Kennedy Center's Page to Stage festival

Beer Bottle Bug 

a woman struggling with addiction accidentally turns her probation officer into a bug-----and now has a
new sort of demon to conquer. 

2 characters. 1 M, 1F. approx. 10 minutes. 

MAY 24 - JUNE 16, 2019 @ Fells Point Corner Theatre

directed by Matt Shea

chosen from over 100 submissions, Beer Bottle Bug was a selection in Fells Point Corner Theatre's 2019 10x10x10 Festival

the end of things.

intermixing monologue, vignette, and image-based movement, the end of things. explores relationships at their point of expiration. marriages crumble. bodies decay. and a potentially apocalyptic threat to the planet looms unseen above it all.

6 characters. any gender. approx. 45 minutes.

NOVEMBER 2018 @ Charm City Fringe Festival 

directed by dj hills


"a powerful piece of theatre" - D.C. Metro Theatre Arts

top 6 "not to miss" productions at charm city fringe 2018 - Baltimore Magazine

A Snake in Swans 

told in fragmented memories, two women recall their experiences with clinical, ante-, and postpartum depression and the lasting impact their experiences have had on their perceptions of love and motherhood. 

6+ characters. all female. approx. 100 minutes. 


APRIL 2017 @ Goucher College

directed by dj hills and Liz Ryan

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