we broke up.

Everyone’s favorite vlogging couple just broke up, and they’re here–streaming live–to tell you all about it. Created for digital performance, this play explores the world of social-media celebrities and challenges our addictive consumption of the private lives of strangers, revealing that the distance between genuine vulnerability and performative pain is far greater than the inches between one’s face and their computer screen.

3 characters. 2 M, 1F. approx. 45 minutes

commissioned by Single Carrot Theatre

production history

Single Carrot Theatre // July 2020

directed by B Kleymeyer


Bowie/B/Puppet Bowie/Paul... Paul Diem

Laikin/DJ/Puppet Laikin/Meghan... Meghan Stanton

Chris/Jeremy/Rohaizad... Rohaizad Suaidi

lightning design by Cydney Cohn

costume and prop design by Genevieve de Mahy

Rochester Fringe Festival // September 2020

as above, with the exception of...


Chris/Jeremy... Shaquan Pearson