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where our dead are buried

Amidst elements of poetry and folk tale, a family in rural West Virginia contends with a visit from the "queer prodigal son" and the buried trauma his presence unearths.


8 characters. 4 cis men, 4 cis women. approx. 90 minutes. ​

read the script on New Play Exchange

production history

SEPTEMBER 2019      Staged Reading, Horticulture Playwrights Workshop (formerly Cohesion Theatre)

​                                     Directed by Kat Kaplan

                                     Dramaturgy by Abby Cady​



Sam... Alex Shade

Bridget... Camille Nattans

Benny... Jamil Johnson

Birdie... Tara Cariaso

Jet... Jacob Zabawa

PJ/Hannah/Ensemble... Cliff Doby

Aladrian/Ensemble... Katie Hileman

Rachelle/Ensemble... Mani Yangilmau

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